Brett Wemyss

provides solutions for your design

Extensive career in design with successful projects across retail and commercial businesses. Specialise in design & development of Interiors, fixtures, fittings & furniture working across multiple sectors and environments.

a multidisciplinary Designer

20 years experience as a designer with expertise in all areas of product, furniture and architectural design; he also has wide ranging skills including technical drawing, 3D modelling, web development, sketching and rendering.

He brings his extensive knowledge to every project he takes on – be it developing new concepts or improving upon existing ones.

Web Design & Development

Website Design and Development using WordPress & Elementor. I make things work, not just look pretty and give you great SEO to boot.

Product Design Development

Design and Development of new product ideas, from initial stages through to manufacture

VR & 3D Walkthroughs

Realistic or clay model walk throughs of architectural environments. VR Headset Presentations. 

Product Visualisation

Realistic Product renderings for brochures, online and other marketing materials

Architectural Visualisation

Presentation renderings for new housing developments, architectural concepts and interiors

Drafting and Detailed Documentation

Manufacture Ready drawings for Products, Fixtures, Fittings & Furniture

Site Photography

Professional Photography for presentations or site surveys

Branding Guideline Manuals

Branding & Signage Install Guides for multi-site brands

Creative Research
Web Design
Graphic Design
The best way to have your website built is with a platform that you can’t mess up but gives you full control and flexibility.
You should be able to edit everything on it and add content quickly, which will keep people coming back for more! 
The no code drag and drop builders might seem tempting when building your new website, sure you can do it yourself, but if they’re limited in features and have fixed templates you may end up showing your brand in a negative unprofessional way. 
We Always choose WordPress & Elementor because we know how easy our customers get started using their website without having any technical knowledge at all. Most importantly: have complete control and look professional. If you want to be found you will need decent SEO, make basic SEO part of all designs to get you seen.

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